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About Bobb.Vann.


"Slices of Life"

Paints the Black Experience

"It's about being honest, being committed, and giving a hundred percent.  We sometimes wonder just what is our purpose here on earth.  As an artist, mine is to leave a truer image than was left before, of our black people."

Bobb Vann was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  He now resides in Tubac, Arizona.  His love and skills in drawing and painting can be traced back to his childhood.  He received formal art training at the Philadelphia College of Art.

His versatility of artistic skills include illustration and design as well as painting and drawing.  He was an Art Director, served as a judge in art shows, and taught art.  He has won a number of awards for his art and has participated in numerous exhibitions.

Bobb founded Vanngo Graphics in 1990 as a way of providing a positive vision of black images through art.  There are more than 20 reproduced offset lithographs of Bobb's work available for purchase.  Original works of art are also available.  Please inquire.

Bobb and Vanngo Graphics are determined to invigorate the world of art by providing African-American images which are historical, ethnic and touching.  The aim is to share with the world "Slices of Life" as seen by Bobb Vann.

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